How is your Creative Agency like Mad Men?

1. Dealing with a team of creative people means dealing with sensitive people – which can be great…sometimes

2. You drive yourself crazy striving for excellence even if the client would be happy with less

3. The face you make when someone throws out an awful tagline during brainstorming

4. Office happy hour is mandatory no matter what

5. Which can at times lead to problems

6. When you give the client exactly what they asked for and then they change their mind

7. Working with creative people can be dangerous

8. The feeling you get when you know your idea is great and no one else likes it

9. Your response when people assume you’re only good at taglines

10. Sometimes you need to reveal hidden talents to round out the team

11. You always settle your differences in a mature fashion

12. And no one ever loses their temper

13. You know the importance of watching commercials

14. Sometimes you have to make a fool of yourself to properly “sell” an idea

15. Your team finds unique ways to spend down time

16. When you stay up all night working on an idea and it actually turns out to be good

17. The feeling you get when you sign a new client

18. You can all give and take playful criticism

19. Watching your agency’s own personal Don Draper close a deal


20. You have the coolest job and you know it


Written by Amanda Davis & Catherine Womack

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