Reviews provide the fuel needed to assess internal changes, promote ones business, and build excellent customer service rapport. Reviews are the key to more revenue. If you know what your customers want, you can provide it. If you know where your services are lacking, you can fix the issue and grow as a business. There are some easy steps your business can take to improve your reviews and their frequency.


Use Social Media

More and more, people feel more comfortable writing reviews on social media platforms instead of on a company website. They are essentially talking to their friends on social media about your business and how good (or bad) it is. This is a powerful word-of-mouth marketing strategy for any business and it provides visibility.


Track Your Reviews

Always keep an eye on what people are saying about your business. It’s important to have a reputable management company or software that can track reviews every day. Acknowledge positive reviews, and address negative reviews with pro-active communication, seek a resolution, then make the necessary changes to your business. People will see the effort made to find a solution and in turn will not lose trust in your business.


Search Engines

List your business on search engines so when your company name is typed in, your official website will appear in the search results. It’s best to start with the top three engines because 95% of all searches go through Google, Yahoo or Bing. Your customers will be able to find and review your site in one convenient location. The easier it is for your customer to review you, the faster your visibility grows, and all of that leads to more revenue.


Ask for Reviews

Ask your customers to leave a review. Most will do so willingly on your site or through and email marketing campaign. Brand loyalty can be established easily by simply engaging your customers in the process. Also, new customers generally trust other consumer reviews rather than the manufacturer descriptions.

Keep it simple, convenient and engaging and watch your revenue continue to grow.