Ok, here’s the secret: You can do everything perfectly to improve your website’s organic search engine optimization, yet we can surpass your performance and increase your organic SEO revenue by adding one element.


That’s right. No matter how flawlessly you optimize your site, no matter how well you drive social media engagement, no matter how much quality content marketing you do, we can dramatically boost your organic Google search results rankings fast (and sharply increase SEO revenue) … with properly configured and managed pay-per-click campaigns.


Quality Traffic = Rising SEO Revenue


If your business sells goods or services with relatively high ticket item costs or high lifetime customer value, then PPC is a great way to drive leads into your sales funnel and grow your revenue in the short term. But most marketers fail to grasp how PPC can lead to dramatic organic search results improvements, too.


There are several reasons why adding PPC to your marketing will dramatically and quickly increase your organic SEO Revenue. The first is simple: properly managed PPC drives quality traffic to your site that Google tracks.


When you build good search terms lists and ad groups, then write strong ads that lead to relevant website pages, searchers find what they’re looking for when they click your ad. Since they’ve “come to the right place,” they stay a while, resulting in longer sessions and more pages per session.


These key metrics tell Google that your site delivers real value to their customers, so they assign a higher value to your site in related searches, resulting in rising organic rankings.


PPC Metrics = Informed Content Marketing


Another way that PPC turbocharges organic results is by informing your site development and content creation. Here’s how.


When you design your website, you configure it based on the products or services you offer. You rightly surmise that folks are out there looking for what you sell, but you don’t know exactly how they’re searching for you. PPC helps you find out and quickly adapt your site to the terms, times, devices and other aspects of how they’re searching.


For example, let’s say you’re a medical insurance broker. You offer products under the Affordable Care Act, so you configure your site with pages that may include ACA info, ACA products and other related pages. When you set up your PPC campaigns, Google suggests that you include “Obamacare” related terms in your search terms, which you naturally do.


In short order, as you continually parce and improve your search terms lists, you see that many more searches use “Obamacare” than “Affordable Care Act” or ACA. With this information, you rename your site pages to include high-performing search terms and reconfigure your metadata. This results in content that is more relevant to the actual searches people are performing, higher quality scores on high-performing keywords and more quality traffic. Google loves this, so the search giant shows your site the love. Revenue ensues.