As you may already know, AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click advertising service. Customers search for certain keywords and will see the ads near the top of their search results. The right campaign means qualified leads for your business. Are you considering using paid advertising like Adwords? Let’s talk about some reasons you should invest.


You’re Missing Your Target Audience


Paid search traffic converts faster than organic SEO. You can choose keywords that appeal directly to your market and get your ad at the forefront of your customers’ searches. With Adwords you can track past visits and follow your consumers around the internet with your ads. Adwords and other types of paid advertising also compliment all your other marketing channels. A good Adwords campaign with drive your customers towards the rest of your social media footprint and your business will stay fresh in their minds.


Adwords: More Engaging Than Other Forms of Brand Marketing


Most of your target audience is online. Without a digital presence, your potential customers might not know you exist, even if you are just down the road. User experience online is just as important as it is in person. Know what your user wants. Adwords is scalable, measurable, and flexible. Google AdWords shows you ad impressions, clicks, conversions, and specific metrics. Not only are you seeing who is looking at your ad, but how many made an action after seeing it. When your find the right digital voice, you’ll see it in the metrics. You double your chances of getting conversion by buying the specific keywords that rank well for you.


Adwords can be affordable. You don’t need a huge budget.


Adwords and other PPC marketing provides the highest ROI of any online advertising. Don’t get discouraged by expensive keywords. Long tail keywords (a highly specific phrase) and niche terms are usually inexpensive. Adwords is specific and can target your audience down to the smallest detail. Find your base with location, time of day, search intent, and many other options. Adjust your bids accordingly and recapture your customers.


You Need Results


Here at Citadel Digital, we help you find the right, most engaging keywords to boost your online presence. We want every click to count and it is our goal to drive good leads.


To learn more about how Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising can increase your website’s value and grow your revenue, contact us.