SEO classes are plenty but what aren’t they teaching you? You know that SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is important, whether you’re sure about how it works or not. You need traffic on your site for all your hard work to be worthwhile. SEO is a skill and the only way to learn a skill is to do it. With these 4 useful tips, you’ll be on your way to a great campaign.


Domain Name


SEO classes will be more focused on the content and how it is used to drive traffic to your website, but might not mention the importance of your domain name. A domain name that is easy to remember is a great way to drive traffic. Availability of a short, easy to remember domain might not be an option, though. Make you’re your domain name direct, descriptive, and relevant to your product or service.


Maintain A Blog


Some SEO classes will teach you that a blog is a good way to drive traffic to your site but what is the best content? It should show your company’s personality. A blog will allow your company the opportunity to expand its content beyond your indexed pages. Be clever or funny. Be interesting. Be original. Show your company’s best side.  Show the best of your product or service with related content.


Image SEO


SEO is used to increase the visibility of a website. You want to be on the top of the search page. You’ve probably noticed that images are already at the top of the page. What if one of those images were yours? Images are eye-catching, stand out more and tend to have an encouraging effect on many media channels. Images are shared and retweeted more often than content. Most importantly, don’t steal images. You can find images on free databases, purchase images or make your own. Don’t use any images without permission.


Try these helpful links:


Can We Image


Internal And External Linking


Link to your own pages. This will place more importance on those pages for search engines. Also, links on other websites show that your website is respected. Getting backlinks can be as easy as guest blogging on another site. Get people interested in your product or service with linking. Remember to have the links open in a different tab, though. You don’t want anyone leaving your site.

SEO classes will teach you a lot, but the tips we’ve covered here might not be touched on in great detail, or at all. Using these tips will give you a stronger SEO campaign. Beyond that, you can hire us as a top-rated Denver-based SEO company offering services in SEO, PPC and online marketing.


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