We believe in seamlessly orchestrating all elements of our clients’ online presence with unswerving focus on revenue growth.


Again and again, we talk to business owners who lament working with two or more different agencies or freelancers for Web design, SEO, pay-per-click management and related marketing services. We always ask whether these disparate groups work together to create a coherent marketing machine with a unified focus on their revenue growth. The answer is almost uniformly “no.”


Here’s why we think that’s just madness.


Engine, Chassis and Drivetrain of Your Digital Revenue Growth Vehicle


If you think of your business’s online or digital presence as a vehicle that will carry you toward your revenue growth goals, then there are three major components that must work together smoothly to make it run.


Engine – Website


The motor that provides the power for your online marketing—your messaging, value proposition, credibility-building-content, calls to action and conversion-focused landing pages—is your website. Properly configured, it is fast-loading, easy to navigate and seamlessly displays on all mobile devices with no unintended performance variances. It’s messaging speaks equally well to the machine (Google’s algorithms) and the human (converting site visitors to leads who contact you). And its performance, look & feel and content all work in unison to position you as the best possible solution or life-changing benefit that your would-be customers are seeking in their online quest.


Chassis – Pay-Per-Click


As a powerful near-term revenue driver, as well as a superb tool to efficiently inform your website growth for optimum organic SEO performance, your pay-per-click campaign is the framework or chassis of your digital revenue growth vehicle. In the hands of an expert, your PPC campaign can support both your near-term revenue growth objectives and your domain’s steady climb in value as a brand Google trusts and promotes.


Drivetrain – Social Media


In the same way that your car’s drivetrain transfers power from your engine to your wheels to move you where you want to go, your social media connects the power of your website, or digital revenue growth engine, to your customers and potential customers. It’s a tool that enables you both to speak and to listen, of which you must do in equal parts in today’s marketplace … or find yourself speaking to no one.


Putting It All Together


When your website, pay-per-click and social media management are all precisely coordinated to focus your digital marketing investment on serious revenue growth, a wondrous thing happens: You achieve serious revenue growth. Contact Citadel Digital today and learn how your digital revenue growth vehicle can shift into high gear!