So here’s the deal. Conventional wisdom says it only makes sense for you to use Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising if you sell goods or services with a relatively high item ticket price or high lifetime customer value. Horse puckey.


Pay-Per-Click Drives SEO


Look, in the long run, a strong organic search engine optimized site will return the highest profit on your digital revenue growth investment (up to FIVE figure percentages!). But the rocket booster you need to launch your organic value into the stratosphere is pay-per-click, especially early in your domain’s life.


It works like this.


Let’s say you own a sports bar. On any given day, an individual customer may only represent about $25 in revenue or $10 in profit. A new pay-per-click campaign may cost you $5-$10 to acquire that customer, so we could understand if you felt like you broke even, at best. But think again.


Pay-Per-Click Is Versatile


In the hands of an expert (that’s us), a pay-per-click campaign can help accomplish any marketing goal, including inexpensively driving massive traffic to quickly create a domain history that Google will notice and reward with rising organic search results rankings. So that $10 profit only represents the short-term return on your digital revenue growth investment. It grows exponentially when you factor in how it contributes to your website’s organic search rankings rise.


We recently built and launched a new website and Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign for a client in the healthcare industry. There was a key deadline approaching, so we really cranked up our focus on relevant keywords, days, hours, and devices, creating a laser-focused campaign that drove mad traffic to the site and rang the phones off the hook. Our client told us they had never received so many calls.


And the coolest thing? All that traffic catapulted their brand-new domain above many more established domains in their sector. That translates into long-term organic value for their website. And revenue.


Consider Pay-Per-Click


Even a modest PPC campaign, in the right hands, will drive valuable traffic to your website and help you inform your content development with real-life, real-time search performance metrics.


To learn more about how Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising can increase your website’s value and grow your revenue, contact us.