In the digital age, traditional online marketing techniques have become increasingly inefficient. Consumers skip commercials with DVRs, listen to podcasts instead of radio, and read blogs more often than newspapers and magazines.

Business owners have thus gradually decreased traditional marketing efforts and begun to focus on online marketing. The Internet offers an extremely cost-effective way to get the word out about your business. The problem lies in the fact that millions of businesses now have a voice through blogs and social media. It’s easy to get drowned out in all the noise and very difficult to stand out from the pack. Many business owners have spent countless hours trying to navigate the world of social media and blogs, only to never acquire a single client from their efforts.


The key to success lies in developing an online marketing strategy that conveys your unique value proposition. What makes you different from your competitors? How will you make your customer’s life or business better?

You also need compelling content, and this should start with your story. This can be the history of your business, how you helped a client solve a problem, why your company cares about being green, etc. If you spread this compelling content across the web, you’re casting a vast net that should hopefully lead potential clients to your website.


What then? You need a clear call to action. Offer something for free: an ebook, webinar, special discount or free consultation. In exchange, the visitor must enter their name and email address. You now have a solid prospect that you can contact and develop, who knows what your company’s all about. Turning that prospect into a paying customer will demonstrate the effectiveness of a consistent and powerful online marketing campaign.